She Inspires: Cinci Leung from CheckCheckCin

Our newest blog series ‘She Inspires’ is my humbled outlet to take you behind the scenes of every day woman in our community who inspires us with what they do. We talk about motherhoodentrepreneurship, running a personal brand, and all things in between. Get ready to be inspired by Cinci Leung! 

Tell us a bit about yourself

CheckCheckCin Founder Cinci Leung
Cinci Leung and her family

I am a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner in Hong Kong, founder of CheckCheckCin and a mother of two wonderful children, Harry and Hannah. I’ve been exposed to Chinese Medicine from a young age, and always had a passion for food as well. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do what I do every day.

I've also authored the book series "Chinese Healing Soups 1, 2 & 3," where I love to share my expertise on ingredients and their incredible healing properties. Through my work, I aim to create a range of wellness products that can help anyone improve their health and well-being.

What led you to become a Chinese Medicine Practitioner?

My family has always been a huge influence on me, and I've always been intrigued by their experiences. I remember tagging along with various family members to the osteopath when they were dealing with frozen shoulder. It seemed like they were all reaching their 50s at the time, and one after another, they faced the same issue. I later learned that frozen shoulder is also referred to as "fifties shoulder" because it's a common problem among women in menopause and midlife. These experiences, along with my exposure to Traditional Chinese Medicine, further triggered my interest in healthcare. That's what led me to pursue Chinese medicine courses and eventually going into it fulltime for 5 years to obtain my Chinese medicine practicing license.

What is the inspiration and mission behind CheckCheckCin?

The inspiration behind CheckCheckCin comes from my passion for merging health and flavor. There seems to be a misconception within the general public that Traditional Chinese Medicine just involves bitter medicine and impossible lifestyle changes backed by complicated theories. My hope is that through CheckCheckCin, I can help the general public understand TCM concepts easily, break it down into things that they can relate to. From that, they can start to make incremental changes in their everyday lives to prevent illnesses.

CheckCheckCin means "to check first" in Cantonese and represents the Chinese medicine concept of healthy living and illness prevention. My goal with the CheckCheckCin platform is to reach as many people as possible via these different channels- social media, physical shops, products and sharings. Once people understand their bodies better, they can learn that making small and realistic adjustments in their lifestyle can help to improve their health and prevent themselves from getting sick.

How do you find harmony between motherhood and entrepreneurship, whilst still finding time for yourself?

CheckCheckCin Founder Cinci Leung
CheckCheckCin Founder Cinci Leung

I am generally very good at multi-tasking, and I use simple tools on my phone to stay organized. My go-to is my notes app to manage my to-do-list and make sure everything is inputted into my calendar. My husband and I share our calendars, so we know when and how to tag team for various events and activities. It can sometimes feel like a non-stop juggle to balance between my work and my family, but I ensure that I am also very present and focused at what I am doing and time spent is always of great quality.

On my off days, I like to spend quality time with my family. We go wake surfing, take the kids to swim at their grandparent’s pool or visit their grandparent’s farm to play. I try to find time in between to go grocery shopping and cook special requests – like pizza night, burger night or hotpot.

Every night I do take time to wind down, usually after kids go to bed. I let the TV play and use this time to zone out, look at silly memes, and just enjoy my own me time.

What is the most important thing Harry and Hannah have taught you?

Two Kids with Personalized Knitted Name Blanket
Personalized Knitted Name Blanket

Harry and Hannah have taught me how to be patient. I was not the most patient person before becoming a mom, but Harry and Hannah taught me that things just tend to have their own timing and need time to resolve.

What do you love most about being a Mum?

CheckCheckCin Founder Cinci Leung and her son Harry
CheckCheckCin Founder Cinci Leung and her daughter Hannah

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising children. It's like each child comes with their own unique manual! What I love most about being a mom is the experience this journey of growth. Watching these little humans grow is a rollercoaster of delightful and let's be real, sometimes not-so-delightful surprises. But every twist and turn along the way comes with satisfaction that I am able to support and be there with them.

What is your parenting philosophy?

When it comes to parenting, I take a cue from my own upbringing. I believe in nurturing curiosity and interests rather than pressuring for academic perfection.

Reflecting on my own childhood, my parents didn't impose strict expectations on me. They provided support and the freedom to explore, which ultimately led me to where I am today. While I may not consider myself wildly successful, I am content and have found my true passion, which I've turned into a career. I know that my parents will support me no matter what path I choose, and I hope to foster the same trust and freedom for my own child as they grow, allowing them to pursue their passions and interests in life.

What is on your current TinyBitz wish list?

Personalized blankets especially the ones below! I wish TinyBitz will offer a toddler and teen range for personalized-tees also!

Final Five Questions!

1.⁠ ⁠When are you the most inspired? I am always looking for inspiration no matter where I am!

2.⁠ ⁠I wish I had more time to... cook and learn new recipes.

3.⁠ ⁠My go-to self-care activity is… going to PT.

4.⁠ ⁠I can’t start the day without… a cup of warm rice water.

5.⁠ ⁠What makes you smile the most? My kids’ laughter.

Thank you so much Cinci! You are such an inspiration as a female-owned company in Hong Kong and I truly admire your focus on making Chinese medicine more accessible for everyone! 

You can follow Cinci here and learn more about her business CheckCheckCin, a revolutionary multi-dimensional wellness platform to promote the benefits of health, wellness, and a balanced body and mind through a traditional Chinese medicine approach and preventative healthcare concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the production time for personalized knitted items?

As each product is knit-to-order, please kindly allow for 20-25 days for production. If you have a deadline to meet, please reach out to us first and we will see if we can make it happen! 

What is the production time for embroidery items?

Embroidery items generally can be completed in 3-5 business days.

Do you provide gift packaging?

Yes! We provide complimentary gift packaging for orders that have requested it. If you have a gift message to add, we can also add that in for you too. If you don’t need any gift packaging, simply opt out of this option when placing your order. 

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer FREE delivery within Hong Kong (to one address) for orders over HKD500. For orders under HKD500, a delivery and handling fee of HKD35 will be charged. We can deliver to any SF station/locker, commercial or residential address in Hong Kong. 

We also offer international shipping to many of countries! Enter the shipping details on the check-out page to see the shipping options.

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