She Inspires: Genevieve Chew from Editecture / Edit Academy

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, we’re officially launching our blog series ‘She Inspires’ where I'm humbled to take you behind the scenes of every day woman in our community who inspires us with what they do. We talk about motherhoodentrepreneurship, running a personal brand, and all things in between. Let's kick start our very first feature with Genevieve!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Two kids with their mother and gifts in hand

My friends joke that I am a modern day slasher - running a number of businesses (mainly EDITECTURE and EDIT ACADEMY) whilst trying to juggle being a hands-on mom to 2 boys, Parker and Spencer.

How do you find harmony between motherhood and entrepreneurship, running your own personal brand, whilst still finding time for yourself?

editecture jacqui and genevieve

I try as much as possible to block out time for work and family respectively but it is easier said than done. I try to schedule meetings around school pick ups so I can focus on work when the kids are in school and then spend quality time with them when I do school pick ups because I like knowing how their day went and I’d want them to know that I am always here to listen to them.

I am also incredibly lucky to have a great support system that allows me to find this work - life balance harmony. My business partner who is also my best friend is super understanding and the business only works because of this friendship.

I also have some amazing friends and a great husband who are hands on with the kids. It truly takes a village to raise kids these days! I am one of those mothers that need my own me-time; or time with my friends. 

I truly believe the best form of self care for any mom is finding some quiet time away from the kids or going on holiday with girlfriends! When I do that, I often come back refreshed and ready for all the craziness that comes with being a mum!

What do you love most about being a Mum?

What I love most is the welcome home you get as a mum at the end of each day. No matter how challenging the day has been, everything is better the second you open the door and the kids come running to you.

What is the most important thing Parker and Spencer has taught you?

The funny thing about parenting is how often the “parenting” role is reversed when the kids teach you a thing or two about life. It sounds so cliche but I’ve definitely changed for the better since I became a mom. The most important thing the boys have taught me is patience; and unconditional love (which sometimes also mean tough love). I used to get anxious and stressed out over trivial matters but since becoming a mom, I’ve learnt to let go of the little things and focus on the more important things in life like spending quality time with family.

What is on your current TinyBitz wish list?

Matching PJ's with the kids, customised candle and the best best best customised blanket and cushions! I've personally gifted these to so many friends and everyone loves them so much.

Final Five Questions!

1. I wish I had more time to... work!

2. My go-to self-care activity is… shop :)

3. I can’t start the day without… checking my calendar so I can prepare myself mentally for the day.

4. The top 3 values I teach my kids… empathy, kindness, hard work.

5. My favourite time of the day is… school pick up!

Thank you so much G! You have been one of our most supportive customers turned friend and you continue to inspire me and those around you each day. Follow Genevieve here and you can also learn more about her businesses Editecture and Edit Academy, where they nurture young minds and shaping future innovations through sustainability.

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