Source: Practical and Pretty
March 2017
'When I saw TinyBitz growing kit my first thought was, ‘Why has no one thought of this?’ It is the perfect gift!'
Practical and Pretty Blog Tiny Bitz Growing Kit Baby Gift

Source: First Time Parent Magazine
January 2017
'You love your baby's cute little clothes. But the sad part is they grow out of them so quickly. That is, until now! TinyBitz has developed a line of clothing that grows with your baby!'

Source: Sassy Mama Hong Kong
December 2016 
'Their newly launched collection is inspired by sweet candy canes and a classic nautical palette with a cheeky Merry Bitzmas message making every baby’s first Christmas extra special.'


Source: KBTX TV
December 2016 
'First up, for those growing boys and girls, Tiny Bitz lets you pick out an outfit set and then sends the recipient sizes and styles that will match their needs as they get bigger and as the seasons change--making your thought count all year long.'


Source: Champagne Style Bare Budget
December 2016 
'Babies grow out of their clothes so fast! Keep your kids fashionable as they grow with Tiny Bitz’ Growing Kit sets! Aiming to make a treasured gift for growing kids, Tiny Bitz Growing Kits include a 3-piece set of three onesies, each designed differently for a baby’s growing size. Tiny Bitz gives customers the chance to purchase essential 5-piece and 7-piece sets, that feature a sleeping bag or cotton soft blankets. With each set gifted in festive wrapping, your baby won’t be your only bundle of joy.'


Source: Home Business Mag
November 2016 
'The signature Growing Kit brings an innovative concept to gifts that will journey with the babies’ growth spurts. The PERFECT Gift solution, every time!'


Source: Mom-Spot
November 2016 
'Shop fresh and modern gifts at TinyBitz, a boutique baby-gifting brand devoted to providing thoughtful gifts for growing kids.The Growing Kit has successfully found a solution to a problem all parents face- high priced clothing that kids grow out of in just a season!'


Source: Product Mommy
September 2016 
'With TinyBitz, you can buy kits for summer, or winter, and even kits where there are options for numerous sizes, so the clothing grows with the child.  These "Growing Kits" are genius.'


Source: An Array of Thoughts
August 2016 
'With a flurry of products available for new borns and children out in the market today, it makes finding the perfect gift for your friend’s baby shower or for her new born quite a task, and being a mother myself i know how many unusable gifts you get at such occasions. Well, Tiny Bitz is here to help with just that.'


Source: Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine - United States
May 2016 Issue


Source: Earnshaw’s Trade Magazine - United States
November/December 2014


Source: Australia’s
September 2014
TinyBitz named ‘favourite find’ of Playtime New York 2014


Source: New York’s
September 2014
‘The latest edition of playtime new york, an international children’s trade show, was filled with so many great brands.  But one that really stood out for me was tiny bitz created by Petina Chan and Sera Ng.’

Source: United Kingdom’s
July 2014
‘I think these growing kits from Tinybitz are the ideal solution for a busy person who needs to buy a gift that is unique but long lasting for a baby shower, new baby or even a christening.’



Source: Expat Living Magazine - Hong Kong
February/March 2015 Issue


Source: HK Magazine Christmas Shopping Guide - Hong Kong
December 2014


Source: Little Luxe Guide Hong Kong
2nd Edition 2014