For every HK$1 dollar you spend with us, you will receive 1 point. If you checked out in other currencies, it will automatically convert the amount back to Hong Kong dollars to come up with the points. Eg. if you spent USD100, it is equivalent to HK$780 and you would have earned 780 points. Please note that shipping charges do not contribute to any points. 

You can choose to redeem at any tier that you’ve reached or save it for the next order so you can reach a higher tier for a bigger discount! We do introduce new redemption offers so do check it out from time to time.  

Once you register an account on our website, the system will automatically track the points. Please use the same email address for each purchase because if you happen to use different emails to make separate purchases, then the points will be allocated to the different accounts and we will not be able to combine them.

Make sure you log into your account each time before your purchase to check on your reward points!