It all began with looking for the perfect gift to celebrate the birth of my niece that inspired me to start TinyBitz!

I realised that it was not always easy for friends and families to find that special something for those ever-growing newborns and babies often outgrow their gifts very quickly. The concept of growing up ‘too fast, too soon’, fuelled TinyBitz’s first hero product, the 'Growing Kit'. This refreshing and thoughtful kit includes 3 different-sized bodysuits to change with the season as the babies grow in their first year. It is a unique and smart bundle in the baby gifting world and we were thankful to have received a Gold Award at the Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards in 2016.  

As the baby gifting world began filling up with mass market brands and cookie-cutter gifts, I listened to my customers who were looking for more bespoke items in addition to just babywear. The regular gifter wants a unique gift for each recipient for different occasions, and more importantly, the mummies who have witnessed TinyBitz’s journey and want to continually support our humble small business!   

With this in mind, I slowly paved the way to TinyBitz’s next milestone, #MakeItPersonal with customized embroidery items and eventually introduced our second hero product, the Personalized Blanket’ in late 2018. Anyone can now effortlessly craft their very own personalized blanket, making the perfect gift for newborns, kid’s birthdays, for your fur babies or simply brightening up any home! By mixing and matching from a carefully curated range of colours and fonts, each piece is knit-to-order with 100% comfy soft cotton. These uniquely designed blankets make gift gifting a little less ordinary and a little more sentimental. 

Personalized items make wonderful keepsakes as they celebrate the many joyous moments in life.  I hope you like the growing selection we have here at TinyBitz and thank you for letting us be part of your special occasions. Happy gifting!

Petina xx