MiniFab: Personalised Name Crayons

Length of Name
Extra Figures

Name crayon set is for someone special that would love a gift in their own name! Our name crayon set starts from 3 letters to 8 letters maximum. You can add additional figure crayons of your choice too (suitable for up to 7 letters due to the size of the packaging). 

 Dinosaur (4 pieces)
 Robot (4 pieces)
 Unicorn (4 pieces)
 Fire Engine (2 pieces)
 Safari Animals (2 pieces)
 Under the Sea (2 pieces)
 Mini Ocean Animals (2 pieces)
 Minibeast (2 pieces)
 Vintage Cars (2 pieces)

Aside from names, you can personalise your own message too (from 3 letters to 8 letters maximum)!

Our crayons fit well for young kids with small hands. Smaller crayons are easier to hold and grasp, building the child’s confidence to doodle and draw. You will be amazed to see how they develop their drawing skills over time.

Our crayons are safe and guilt-free. Unlike most conventional crayons made from paraffin wax, our crayons are made from natural beeswax, soy wax, and food-grade pigments. They are non-toxic and 100% handmade in Hong Kong and comply with CE and EN71 standards.

Due to the nature of natural waxes, our crayons tend to give a lovely soft colour when it is drawn onto paper. This maybe more muted than you are used to conventional paraffin wax crayons.

Each box of crayons will contain a mixture of light and dark shades and will vary from the imaged show.

Please note: Since our crayons are hand made to order, there may be small irregularities, but each is unique and beautiful.

The additional crayons are $50 extra, depending on the figure set you prefer, it comes in 2 or 4 figures based on the weight of the crayon. E.g. Unicorn and Dinosaur shaped crayons are smaller and lighter, 4 figures will be included, whereas Fire Engine and Under the Sea shaped crayons are bigger and heavier, 2 figures will be included. 

As each personalised name crayon set are made to order, please allow 5-7 working days for production before we can ship them out.  

Crayon size dimension:

  • Dimension: Each crayon is around  3.8-5cm length x 1-4cm width x 1.4cm depth
    (dimension may slightly vary due to hand measurement).

Package Dimension: 15.5 x 8.5 x 5.3cm (Small)
                                     29 x 8.5 x 5.3cm   (Big)    
*** The package dimension may vary depends on the number of letters and figures ordered.


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